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Ray-Ban RB3697


Buy Ray-Ban RB3697 from European Optical to receive an excellent customer service from your local optician.
European Optical is a well established optical store, located at Colossus Centre, Woodbridge, ON Canada. We carry best premium brands and have a large show room with a wide selection of glasses and sunglasses.
We welcome you to visit our store to find your next pair of eyeglasses.
European Optical Online Store has been created to extend our services and offer you a convenient way to shop. You can see entire catalogs of the brands that we carry, buy sunglasses from us and buy brand name eyeglasses frames or complete sets of eyeglasses with prescription lenses.
Due to local dispensing regulations all prescription eyeglasses can not be shipped to Ontario customers. Convenient pick up time will be arranged to fit eyeglasses properly and ensure you can see well through the lenses.

Product SpecificationSpecification

Product Details
  • Frame material: Metal
  • Rim type: Full Rim

BLACK GREY: Ray-Ban RB3697 002 11

SILVER BLUE: Ray-Ban RB3697 003 Y0

GUNMETAL BROWN: Ray-Ban RB3697 004 13

GOLD GREEN: Ray-Ban RB3697 905071

GOLD ORANGE: Ray-Ban RB3697 9050Y1

GOLD VIOLET: Ray-Ban RB3697 905071

BLACK DARK VIOLET: Ray-Ban RB3697 9168Y3

GUNMETAL DARK GREY: Ray-Ban RB3697 004 87

GOLD DARK BLUE: Ray-Ban RB3697 905080


LEGEND GOLD BLUE: Ray-Ban RB3697 919680

LEGEND GOLD PINK: Ray-Ban RB3697 919684

GOLD DARK BLUE: Ray-Ban RB3697 924580

GOLD DARK GREY: Ray-Ban RB3697 924687


35 mm 135 mm 140 mm
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Year 2019